Nike WD+C

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Slalom was approached by Nike to provide a solution for their byzantine online employee resources. These included booking meeting rooms, campus way-finding, transportation options, vendor integration, and connecting to existing services (building access, travel information, wellness center, printing, child care, etc.) that should be available to all employees on any device.

A.I. and Machine Learning

Nike's employee landscape contains dozens of personas, representing a diverse range of roles, priorities, and backgrounds. Rather than designing for a few types of roles, we chose to use A.I. and Machine Learning to customize the content on an individual basis without making them hunt for it. Where human managed experiences often grow out of date, lose quality, and become more expensive to manage over time, A.I. enables the Platform to become smarter, stronger, and more self-aware.

In addition to contextually managed content, we created a natural language chat A.I. that allows employees to quickly accomplish tasks such as booking a meeting room, finding the fastest way to an office, or asking where the nearest place on campus is to get a taco.

Meet NikeBot.

Accessible on-the-go or in the Office

Because accessibility was priority, we chose to create a responsive website rather than relying on native mobile apps. This allows employees to access information at their desk or while traveling between meetings. Native dictation can be used on mobile devices while on-the-go.

How It Works

NikeBot uses the same technology that powers Amazon's Alexa to bring A.I. concierge services to the Nike WD+C app. A custom service uses machine learning to track users' behavior and connect to a myriad of external services.